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  近日有外国网友在论坛布了这么一个帖子: 从地理位置分析,世界上哪个国家最难入侵?




  Top 3 countries – the most difficult to invade:


  1. United States: The whole territory of USA is isolated by the Pacific in the west by the Atlantic in the east and south and the cold Canada covers the north. The situation is you cannot just invade USA flying from the mainland Africa Asia or even Europe and USA would not let you to set up any military bases near the Americas (north/south).

  1. 美利坚:美国西边被太平洋隔开,东边和南部被大西洋隔开,北方被寒冷的加拿大覆盖。现实是你无法通过从亚非欧的陆地起飞战斗机侵入美国,而且美国绝对不会让你在靠近他们本土。

  2. Canada: The same conditions are applicable for Canada. Moreover the geographic location and the weather condition of it remains a matter of tension for the others.

  2. 加拿大:美国的领土分布情况描述同样适用于加拿大。而且加拿大的地理分布和气候条件更是让其他人头疼的地方。

  3. Russia: Others can invade Russia but the affected area would surely be very small and very easy to regain for Russia. History shows the downfalls of the invasions towards Russia such as Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812 and Hitler's during the WWII. So the size and geography of Russia will make the difference.

  3. 俄罗斯:其他国家确实可以入侵俄罗斯,但是能有效控制的地区将会很小,而且很容易会被俄罗斯重新夺回来。历史已经向我们展示了入侵俄罗斯的国家无一例外都迅速衰败。拿破仑1812年入侵俄罗斯和希特勒二战期间入侵俄罗斯都是血的教训。俄罗斯的广袤领土和地理条件在战争中发挥着巨大的影响力。

  This things are mentioned regarding the geographic arena actually because of what one will think 100 times before he declares even an air strike against these countries…




  Amanda On22 votes Show

  Also if anyone tried to invade Canada you can bet America will be up in arms in roughly less than a second. That arguably makes Canada the most dangerous to invade.



  Rob Burton8 votes Show

  The UK hasn't been invaded since the Normans in 1066 – try that on for size! (i'm not even going to debate any claims that economic migrants or any sorts are 'invaders' cos I'm an economic migrant too – as I live in China – for the better life this country offers me – I've not 'invaded' China)

  自从1066年遭受诺曼人入侵后,之后英国就再也没有被入侵过,自己想象一下吧(原文意指英国有近千年没有遭受入侵 -译者注)(我不会去争论任何关于经济移民或其他类型移民是入侵者的问题,因为我自己就是经济移民,我现在生活在中国,因为中国可以给我提供更好的生活,所以我这不算是“入 侵”中国。


  Jimmy Yang13 votes Show

  Plus the US has so many readily available partisans from the amount of people who own-near military grade weapons.



  Nathan Worrell6 votes Show

  I would put Canada above America it's larger more sparsely populated has a harsher climate and historically has been harder to invade than the US the US was repulsed twice trying to invade Canada during the Revolution and the War of 1812 whereas during both those same conflicts the British were able to occupy significant portions of the US from bases in Canada. It took the British several hundred years to fully capture Canada from the French whereas the US kind of demonstrated that vast portions of America were quite easy to take from the Spanish Mexicans and Confederates. If you can (and it is admittedly a very unlikely can) capture the mouth of the Mississippi you've pretty much opened up the whole interior (hence why it was so important during the War of 1812 and the Civil War). I would argue China is the most difficult country to invade it's a massive country has a massive population and has some of the sparsest deserts and rugged mountain terrain in the world.




  David Gray3 votes Show

  The following quotation is attributed to Otto von Bismarck: “The Americans have contrived to be surrounded on two sides by weak neighbors and on two sides – by fish!”


  Fraulein Sterber2 votes Show

  The US the most difficult country to invade? Where were you during 9-11 when terrorists brought three airplanes right into New York City and hit the twin towers and the Pentagon but where were the jets that were supposed to protect the US skies that day? Or is that just coincidental that they failed to scramble fighter jets to stop the terrorists from directing those jetliners right to the WTC? Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to start a debate on 9-11 who's who but I have to disagree a bit with your argument as I saw that 9-11 was a loophole in the air security of the US armed force.



  Robert Zraick

  I live in Fiji at the moment. It is so small and so remote that it would be difficult to invade. But it is so isolated and truthfully it would be a good place to be if world war breaks out. It is in the Southern Hemisphere. It has no real strategic value. And the people here can grow their own food and there are still lots of fish.



  David Lecomte5 votes Show

  Australia & NZ: The easiest place to invade is the North West of Australia but the terrain and the environment make traversal of the continent and holding any land won almost impossible.



  TIAN QIN1 vote by Zakaria Islam

  I agree broadly over your answer. One point added is that talking about Russia the largeness of land is one reason another crucial factor is nothing but the harsh and cruel coldness weather over there. Both Napoleon and Hitler are defeated by inclement weather and wildness of Russian territory cause hardness when replenishment is transported for troops.



  Craig Prince3 votes Show

  Interesting hypothetical but some of these conclusions are flawed by "rear view mirror" syndrome that is assuming that barriers to conquest are primarily geographic and traditional military assets. Lets include an assessment that considers ability to project power and disruption by technologic means propogandization cutting edge weaponry etc. I'm guessing it gets a lot harder to pick a survivor.

  有趣的假想,但是通过“后视镜”这里的一些观点是错误的。典型特征是认为征服的首要障碍来自地理环境和传统的军事力量。我们可以有一个评估,考虑一下,关于通过技术产生力量和毁灭的能力意味着尽可能生产尖端武器等(progandization 找不到单词的意思,可能作者拼错,或者连着简写)。我猜想拯救一个幸存者将变得更加困难。



  Jordan Frith1 vote by Ilvisar

  I'm going to pitch in here and say one of the obvious additions to the list:




  A whole continent floating in the Pacific Ocean large border protection budget because of the quarantine risks and major landmarks on all the coastlines to increase rapid response. Despite being so close to Japan and facing a large contingent of Japanese submarines Australia has never been invaded by enemy forces nor been a battleground. Ever. Not even for civil war.


  Seriously guys it's an island on the other side of the world not even its neighbours can invade it.



  Paul Clifford5 votes Show

  Americas population is armed to the teethso any invader would be under constant attack from the general public.



  Tris Nguyen

  For Russia the Mongols are always exception aren't they?



  K.I. Matthews

  In addition to what others are saying here Canada would be a poor choice as neither Russia nor USA would allow any incursion into the Great White North. They could not tolerate anyone other than Canada close to those long undefended borders. Additionally NATO the British Commonwealth countries and other allies would rush to defend their ally. ( For strategic and economic reasons. ) Also the logistics of waging war in such a vast untamed northland would make warfare difficult and would make maintaining a standing force there to hold the land unpractical.

  USA has just plainly too large an armed force for any country to go up against.

  不同意有人说的加拿大将是一个糟糕的选择,俄罗斯和美国都不允许任何人入侵大白鲨(加拿大)。他们不能容忍其他人接近加拿大那些长期不设防的边界。此外,北约、英联邦和其他盟国都将急于捍卫他们的盟友。(因为战略和经济原因。)而且 在这样一个难以控制后勤保障的北国发动战争会使战争的进行面临巨大的挑战而且维持常备军在那里战斗是一件不切实际的事情。


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